4 Investing Secrets that Will Make You Understand Markets and Make Money

→ Why Over 2/3 of Retail Traders Lose Money. Even During Multi Year Bull Markets.
It’s not bad luck.

→ The Exact Steps to Stop Losing Money
While you still have any money left.

→ Secret to Join the Few Investors Outperforming the Markets
This trading strategy outperformed most indexes, copy-funds and traders YTD.

→ How to Get Paid Weekly in Addition to Trading, Forever
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Let’s jump into the first thing..

👉 There is a reason why most retail traders lose money.
Many experienced investors that beat the markets share their principles, strategies & warnings.
Few traders are willing to listen. Many take investing advice from their broke friends and anonymous strangers on the internet.
Result: Everybody is an investing genius, until he loses his money.
“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson

Trading is a zero sum game where professionals take money from amateurs.
Over 2/3 of retail traders lost money even during the bull market (per trading site newsletter), while big boys took their money and made huge profits.
If you are not at the table, you may end up on the menu.
Amateur portfolios are on the menu, feeding market insiders and professionals.

Next… stop losing money.

👉 First step is to look at your long term stats.
Underperforming and losing is not fine. Get angry.
If you keep doing what you did, you will continue to get what you got.
Do you really want to make a change?
Commit to making money, above being right or comfortable.
Commit to becoming an investing professional.

👉 Bad news: Investing is hard.
Hedge funds with best minds and huge resources are your competitors.
When you need to service your car you go to a professional mechanic. Investing in international competitive markets is harder.
Mastering investments takes years of hard work.
If getting rich was easy, almost everybody would choose to be rich.
If information was everything, everybody with an internet connection would become a millionaire with a six pack, overnight.
Hard things take hard work and discipline over long time.

🎁 Good news: There’s an easy way to secure funds and make money until you become a professional investor yourself.
Diversified copy trading.